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Winterverse Dragon Fae

(Steamy Dragon Shifter Fated Mates Paranormal Romances)

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(Winterverse Dragon Shifters # 0.5)

Fate is powerful. Seductive.

And Dangerous.




I’m on a road trip when fate hits me, drawing me to the rarest dragon treasure there is—a fated mate. She’s so sexy and compelling I want to claim her in every way there is. But I’ve got two problems. First, one of the shady original fae is trying to take my treasure away from me. And second, my stunning potential mate has no idea magic is real.


Things get complicated fast. She’s determined to pump the brakes on us, but that’s not how things work. She’s mine, and she’s in danger. That means we need to stay together—indefinitely. 




My attraction to this beautiful stranger is epic. The cocktail of a savage six-pack and skin that smells like spices and smoke is intoxicating. But I know better than anyone that it’s dangerous to let my guard down. Deadly creatures are pursuing me, and it could be tied to a tragedy from years ago. 


Fate wants to claim me, but I won’t let dangerous forces take over my life without a fight.

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(Winterverse Dragon Shifters - Book #1)


Being hunted is nothing new for me.

Taunting fate is.


No one’s hotter than a dragon shifter, and the one whose house I’m about to break into is no exception. From his picture, he’s gorgeous, ripped, and ready for action. Too bad getting marked by a dragon shifter would destroy my life.


After an altercation with the vicious leader of the biker dragons in my hometown, I’m on the run like never before. I’m so desperate I’m heading straight into a billionaire dragon’s lair to steal the one thing that could save me.


Too bad I get caught.


Nik Adamik lights my body on fire like no one ever has, but beneath the expensive suit and hard body, he's no prince. He's another beast who wants to claim me. 


If I let that happen it'll cost me the only family I've got left. That's why fate can't have me, and neither can an East Coast dragon.


She’s trouble is my first thought when the sexy thief claims she’s got amnesia, right after I catch her trying to take a dangerous artifact.


Normally, no one steals a dragon’s treasure and lives. But from the first taste, I recognize her as the most valuable treasure there is—a fated mate.


I can’t let her escape, but she resists our connection, no matter how hot and intense it becomes. Even with enemies hunting her, she tries to run. But no one outruns a dragon for long.

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