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Callie sees the future.
The universe expects her to deal with it.

Kissing the Suspect

A beekeeping psychic versus a muscle-bound Marine?


Callie Melville doesn't know the first thing about solving crimes. Especially one that hasn't happened yet. But Callie has a mystical power, and a premonition has led her to the prime suspect in the upcoming abduction of a pretty teenager. At first the sizzling chemistry between Callie and the attractive ex-Marine makes investigating him easier, but the more personal things get, the higher the stakes become. 


Add in a massive mutt with bad manners, a nasty new police chief who’s gunning for her, and an irrepressible octogenarian, and life becomes pretty complicated. Will she rescue the teen girl in time? Or will Callie become a casualty of the vision herself?


No one ever said being Mystical Melville was easy.

Kissing the Suspect Cover.jpg
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